Caring & Professional

When I first found out about my pending divorce, I asked around and everyone said that I needed to get Barry Birdwhistell. I met with Barry and he encouraged me to try to work on my marriage, which was refreshing because I realized this was not just about money to him. In the course of my divorce, which was messy, I feel that Barry really looked out for the best interest of me, but most importantly my son. What impressed most about Barry is that he maintained the highest standards throughout the entire divorce process. What I mean is that Barry made sure that my son’s interest, education, and MORALS would come first and that the court would know where I stood on these issues, even if the other side’s position was centered around money and not our child. Bottom line, I feel that Barry and his staff cared about my son and myself through the most difficult time in our lives. As we all know, there are not many attorneys out there who take their cases personally and put their client’s well-being first. To this day, I still have personal contact with Barry and his staff and would highly recommend Barry to anyone going through a divorce or custody case.


Thorough & Intelligent

Several years ago, my son was in an automobile accident. He sustained extensive injuries. After two years and 18 surgeries later he was doing well. The police claimed the accident was my son’s fault. Through exhaustive interviews with those involved and witnesses, plus the hiring of a nationally known accident reconstructionist, Mr. Birdwhistell was able to exonerate my son. He was also able to obtain a substantial sum of money for my son’s injuries. Mr. Birdwhistell has remained our family lawyer, handling many aspects of our life needs.


They Fight For Justice

Two years ago, my husband and I were falsely accused of child abuse. We were devastated when the state took our children. Caleb and Barry met with us the next day and we were able to get our children back. We had numerous court appearances. Fighting a giant as large as the state takes time, but Caleb persistently fought for what was right. Caleb made sure the truth was heard and we were cleared of all charges. Unfortunately, there are times in life when injustice does occur. Fortunately, there are people in this world who will stand up for those who have been wronged. Caleb Bland and Barry Birdwhistell are the ones who stood up for us. They will stand up for you too.


Honest & Friendly

Being new to family court issues, the most recommended name around was Mr. Barry Birdwhistell. From the very first meeting, I was impressed with Barry as well as those in his office. Their professionalism, friendliness and honesty brought me comfort through stressful times. It is apparent that Mr. Birdwhistell’s outstanding reputation for taking action, planning ahead and staying in control of the case is well deserved. Throughout the entire ordeal, all of my questions and concerns were addressed and I felt as though there was a sincere concern for my case. Thanks to all!!!