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Avoid Posting on Social Media After Your Accident

Caleb Bland Law, PLLC April 18, 2023

In Kentucky, accidents on the road—or anywhere else—are an unfortunate fact of life. In fact, the total number of car crashes in the state increased from around 119,000 in 2020 to 131,000 in 2021, according to the Kentucky Transportation Center.  

Everyone has a right to fair compensation following an accident that wasn’t their fault. However, the personal injury claims process can be challenging to navigate. After all, insurance companies try their best to deny claims or reduce payments whenever possible. Considering the prevalence of social media in our world, what you post—or do not post—can have a major impact on your personal injury claim. 

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Social Media and Your Image

Social media certainly plays a role in the claims process. First, it’s important to note that social media can significantly impact an individual’s personal and professional image. The way folks present themselves on social media can shape others’ perceptions, both positively and negatively. Social media profiles can serve as an extension of a personal brand, showcasing your values, interests, and skills. The content posted, the tone used, and the photos shared can all contribute to how others perceive an individual and their brand. 

How Posting About Your Accident Can Affect Your Case 

A common question we get from clients is, “How exactly can social media affect my car accident case?” On the whole, we advise our clients to be very careful with social media following any kind of accident, including car wrecks. 

It’s important to be mindful of what folks post on social media during a personal injury claim case. Any content shared can potentially be used as evidence in court and can impact the outcome of the case. It is generally recommended to avoid posting about the accident altogether and seek guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney about what content may be appropriate to post. 

The following are ways that social media posts can negatively affect a personal injury claim: 

Contradicting the Claim

Posting information or photos contradicting a personal injury claim can damage the victim’s credibility in court. For example, if the accident victim claims to have suffered a serious injury from the accident but posts pictures or videos engaging in physical activities that suggest otherwise, doing so can weaken the claim and potentially destroy the case. 

Admissions of Fault

If an accident victim posts any statements or comments suggesting they were at fault for the accident, the comments could be used against them in court. These admissions can potentially reduce the amount of compensation received or even lead to the case being dismissed entirely. 

Questioning Injuries Suffered

Posting about daily activities, hobbies, or vacations can raise doubts about the extent of the injuries, suggesting that the victim may not have been as seriously injured as claimed. 

Perceived Lack of Empathy

Posting insensitive comments or jokes about the accident can reflect poorly on the victim’s character and harm their chances of receiving maximum compensation. 

How You Can Protect Yourself on Social Media After a Car Accident 

It is important for accident victims to take steps to protect themselves on social media during their personal injury claim cases. The following steps can help accident victims protect themselves on social media: 

Limiting Social Media Use Altogether

Clients commonly ask us, “Should I post on social media at all after a car accident?” We usually advise our clients to avoid posting on social media as much as possible following a car accident. 

Consider limiting or temporarily disabling social media accounts until the case is resolved. This step can help prevent any posts or comments from potentially harming the case. 

Being Mindful of What Is Post

If accident victims decide to continue using social media, it is crucial to be mindful of what they post. Avoid posting about the accident, your injuries, or any activities that may contradict the claim. It is also important to avoid posting any statements or comments that can be used against you in court. 

Adjusting Privacy Settings

Review privacy settings on all social media accounts to ensure only trusted friends and family members can see posts. This approach can help prevent any unintended parties from accessing content. 

Ask Friends and Family to Avoid Posting about the Victim

Ask friends and family members to refrain from posting about the victim, the accident, or the injuries. It is important to communicate the importance of not posting anything that can potentially harm the case. 

Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney

It is a good idea to consult a personal injury attorney about social media use during the case. A skilled lawyer can provide guidance on what is appropriate to post and advise on any potential risks. Above all, an experienced personal injury attorney can help accident victims negotiate with adjusters to achieve a fair settlement. 

Consult an Experienced Attorney

At Caleb Bland Law, PLLC, we know how frustrating this process can feel. That’s why we work hard to help our clients navigate the legal system to get the compensation they deserve. Reach out to us when you’re ready to move forward.